Tuesday, December 16

Life in (Re) Motion


                                    The Nature of the Beast:

Last year, I blogged with a group of great women. During that time, I started following Jodi, from Practicing Simplicity. She was sharing an interactive project where you took a picture a week of your kids and linked up.

I really wanted to do The 52 Project but I'm uncomfortable about massively sharing pictures of my boys online. The reality is that society is not the same as when I was a kid. Everything is more public and has exploded across the television screen. Our kids are raised in a different social environment and as parents of that new social environment, we are very aware of the what if's. So I took a different angle and called it "Life in Motion". I took pictures of them but not of their faces. I captured action pictures of their constant on-the-go personalities.

I failed.

Not miserably. But I failed. I made it six months.

Long story short, the blog fell through. Life became too involved for everyone and it was just silently, mutually agreed to stop.

I hoping to try again this upcoming year.

The new 2015 project.

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