Tuesday, December 9

It'll Be My Life

As I approach 32, I've come to realize a few things:

  • I don't do small talk and I'm not sorry about it.
  • Be friends with the person you marry, because often that is that only person available to spend time with.
  • If other people compare my accomplishments to theirs, it is not my fault.
  • Life is too short for one sided relationships.
  • Blocking other people's issues/drama can make for a lonely existence, but limits my stress.
  • Being healthier makes me feel good, even if I have to go at it alone.
  • Not having a hobby makes more room/time for EVERYTHING else.
  • I'm not interested in excuses, only effort.
I have a lot of goals for next year and have decided to use this space to document the fails and triumphs.

Sometimes it'll be funny, sometimes it won't. Sometimes it'll be boring.

It'll be my life. One year at a time.

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