Saturday, May 17

I Will Never Write a Book

Writer's become bloggers and bloggers become authors.

I seriously do not have that much to write about.

I do not see filling pages upon pages with the antics of my A.D.H.D. son or quips from my other rambunctious boy. I cannot stand to read mommy birth stories, defective lives or "how I survived". All kids are "little a-holes", everyone truly can be a "scary mommy" and we all try to live through parenthood. Your chaos is not worth following.

Please. My life is not that interesting. And I really do not want to read about yours.

Why blog, I ask?

I see groups of people needing validation. Needing social media and chit chat. I watch the "likes" fly and wonder why? Am I the only one that does not get enough attention via real life friends?  How good does that one "like" feel? And why do we need it?

Reading a blog can be like watching a reality TV show. I cannot watch someone be stupid on purpose.Why do you want to share your latest fight with your husband? No one should really care about your latest visit to the Gyno. I do not need to know when your period is. Period.

So now we're at the yawning stage. If you're not trying to sell me something or showing me pictures from your latest foot surgery, why am I reading you?

Why am I writing this?