Tuesday, December 23

I Like Food

Public Service Announcement: I'm not selling anything.

But I do have news. I'm a run-of-the-mill, unmotivated, mother of two who gets mildly depressed at the word "exercise". I am also a stress eater. A bored eater. A "I like all kinds of food" eater. I am also carrying a baby.

(Hold the congratulations.)

Not a real baby. Five year old baby weight that never seems to go away. Whether I watch my calorie intake, drink "magic shakes" or skip a meal, I have never willed myself the power to put myself in check.

Enter: Whole30.

Let's start with the pro's: eat fruits, vegetables, meat, good fats and proteins. Anytime, anywhere. Cut, boiled, baked, or raw. Crunchy, soft, well done or cold. That's it. The catch?

That's absolutely it.

The cons: NO sugar, NO alcohol, NO soy, NO peanuts, NO legumes (beans), NO grains, NO gluten-free foods, NO dairy, NO unhealthy ingredients like carrageen, msg, and no SWYPO (Sex With Your Pants On) Paleo "treats".

And last, but not least...............

NO SCALE. Hide it, bury it and forget about it.

For 30 days. That's right, one month. It seems like a lot but really isn't. I mean, what is 30 days? Four weekends, four paychecks or four football games and before you know it a month has passed.

So I did my research. I made a plan. I "pinned". I shared with The Man. I accepted and decided: What the hell....why not? And you want to know what happened?

My will power hated me. I hash tagged "plain plate". My friends rolled their eyes at me. I grew tired of being in the kitchen. My husband thought I was planning on leaving him because I wanted to try to look better. It was a LONG 30 days.

To be continued..........

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