I have a lot of goals for next year and have decided to use this space to document the fails and triumphs.

Sometimes it'll be funny, sometimes it won't. Sometimes it'll be boring.

It'll be my life. One year at a time.


I write this the day before my 32nd birthday. I am a mom most of all, even though as a child I never planned on having children. I am a wife who never planned on getting married. I love to travel, cook, eat and everything in between. My hobbies are my kids, finding stuff to do with them and trying to find a hobby that doesn't include action figures or 7th grade homework because, I've recently realized, my conversations are full of my children.

I tame two young boys, ages 5 and 11 (almost 12) whom I tag as Mr. Sunshine and Mr. Pre-teen. They are LOUD, and opinionated. Active and social. Quiet and A.D.H.D. Plus everything in between.

I am a wife to "The Man" or "The hubby". He means more than to me than everything in between. He makes me laugh. He helps me discover.


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