Monday, February 2

Life in Motion 5/52

*A portrayal of life, in motion, once a week for 52 weeks* 2015

When did we become old enough to not smile when it snowed? I remember sitting (albeit in snow pants) and spending hours outside just wallowing in it. In fact one year, for my birthday, all the teenage girls headed outside, in the dark, and had a snowball fight.

We were supposed to go to Monkey Joe's (indoor bounce house place) yesterday. However, it snowed like someone up above baked cakes and sifted flour on us. For 24 hours. It must have been a wedding cake. We've all been house bound or they've been chauffeured to the babysitter's this month because of work. We tried to mentally prepare ourselves in December for hubby's upcoming overtime and snow equals more work for me. No matter how much you mentally check yourself, it still sucks.

Mr. Sunshine wanted to go outside yesterday. I came in from shoveling to change out my gloves and he fully geared himself out, sans his snow pants. I have to adjust them because they are his brother's old pair and he has no butt. He asked first thing this morning, too. Before I had my coffee.

I do not like the (extreme) cold. I do not like the (extreme) heat. I am being quite pessimistic about going outside. I wish the hubby was here to get me motivated to "play". He went in late today because of the weather. Rather the big wigs didn't have to be in till later so they weren't going to pay the little guy's to sit around. He likes to "play". He is my oldest, third child.

thanking Jodi


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