Sunday, January 4

Life in Motion 1/52

*A portrayal of life, in motion, once a week for 52 weeks* 2015

We went to a roller skate arena the weekend before school starts again. I think The Man and I had more fun than kids. I almost wish we had went by ourselves. Roller skating makes me feel old, though. It brings back so many memories from when it was "the thing" to do and then I have to remember how old I really am. I didn't want to count that far back. The Man even referenced the Kris Kross dance via a fantastic display on blades.

I'm glad that I got to do this with both of them. I really had fun, even though I'm not that good at it. I think I surprised the hubby by how much I was laughing. FYI: It's been awhile since we've had time to ourselves which will be taken care of shortly.

thanking Jodi

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