Wednesday, January 14

I Miss Food

I really love this meme. Like a porn star and Viagra. Humptasic.

It also reminds me of food. (don't mind the drool).

Back to January Whole30.

I decided during the whole festival of cookies (Turkey day through New Year's) that I should do another Whole30 in January. Technically, Whole30 is not a diet. Like I wrote previously, it's a food elimination/allergy plan. Was I still not happy with my weight? Yes. Was Whole30 going to fix that? I wanted it to. I also knew I was losing a little grip on my will power to say no to the sweets and "grazing" in the kitchen.

So January 1st, I meal planned and went shopping. (No coffee can make a person go insane, FYI.)

I made it till January 5th. No, it was not a New Year's resolution. I didn't fail. I came to a realization.

I didn't need another Whole30. I am in control of what goes into my mouth (hehe). And I know what shouldn't. I needed to use what I learned from the previous Whole30 and be satisfied.

Results (that aren't weight related):

1. I'm mildly allergic to peanuts. I have to wonder if my teenage skin angst years could be blamed on peanuts. My mom spent way too much on acne treatment.

2. Grains. Bad for me. Maybe good for you. They weigh me down like rice helps a Sumo wrestler. Not to mention, messing up my digestive track.

What I realize I need to do:

Read my labels. If I can't pronounce it, I shouldn't eat it.

I need to be aware that if I eat that whole container of cookies, I'm really not going to feel good afterwards. Even if it makes me feel a little better while eating them.

When I'm bored, I need to find something to do that is not food related. I need to eat like I'm at work all day, even when I'm not. I can't snack there, or stop to eat whenever I want. Stay at home parenting is a job in itself, so I need to treat it the same way.

I have to be an adult and eat some foods that are good for me, even if they don't taste wonderful. Not gagging foods, like sauerkraut or peas, but spinach, green beans and etc.

Lastly, I miss food. Plain plating it for two months was quite unappetizing. After the first month of no sugar or additives, I started tasting what food is supposed to taste like. Not that it's bad, but I missed ooey, gooey cheese covered things and water gets boring quickly. Plus, there are not that many recipes you can make when your food list is limited.

Honestly, I just missed food. I miss peanuts, too. I'm like that woman, who's allergic to shellfish, on the Dr. Doolittle movie. Some days, I want to hide out in the bathroom and eat the whole container of peanut butter. So if you're visiting, you'll know why I'm in the bathroom longer than a normal person.

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